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PROTEA set of 3 cup brushes with replacement heads, sustainable dish brush made of natural bristles

PROTEA set of 3 cup brushes with replacement heads, sustainable dish brush made of natural bristles

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  • 🌿 ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE: Our Protea cup brush is made from the fast-growing raw materials of bamboo, agave and palm trees. We also use 100% plastic-free and recyclable packaging to protect our environment.
  • 🌿 ROBUST & EFFICIENT: The high-quality cup brush is very robust thanks to the elastic and resistant fibers. The use of hard palm fibers means that particularly stubborn dirt is removed efficiently and without scratching.
  • 🌿 DURABLE & REPLACEABLE: Our brush made of wood and natural fibers with the 2 replacement heads is particularly durable. For sustainable use, the brush head can be replaced, which extends the service life of the dishwashing brush enormously.
  • 🌿 VERSATILE & PRACTICAL Our Protea pot brush is versatile and helps, among other things, to clean pots or wash dishes. Our handy everyday helper protects your hands from hot water or cleaning agents.
  • 🌿 SIMPLE & SMART: After use, the Protea kitchen brush should be hung up to dry - we recommend turning off the head of the round brush overnight to avoid mold growth. If necessary, the bamboo brush can be soaked in diluted vinegar essence for disinfection.


Body - bamboo

Bristles - Tampico, sisal and palm fibers depending on the brush head


Delivery takes place within 3-5 working days

care instructions

Please hang up the Protea dishwashing brushes to dry after use.
Let the brush heads dry completely overnight, preferably by turning on the rotating dish brush heads and letting them dry separately from the body.
For disinfection, the wooden brushes can be soaked in diluted vinegar essence.

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Das Holzspülbürsten Set besteht aus einer klassischen Spülbürste, einer Topfbürste, einer Gemüsebürste und einer Flaschenbürste aus Holz und Naturfasern

Brushes for every purpose

Our bamboo dish brushes come with different bristle materials
equipped and therefore suitable for any type of dirt and surface in the kitchen.
We have created a perfectly complementary and versatile cleaning set with a combination of sturdy bamboo wood, soft sisal fibres, coarse palm fibers and coconut fibres.

Due to the ergonomic
The handles of the bamboo bodies allow you to easily reach any place in pots, pans, bowls, bottles or glasses.

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The light-colored bristles of the long-handled round brush are softer and equipped with sisal and tampico fibers. These natural fibers come from the leaves of the agave.

The dark cup brush consists of a combination of soft sisal/tampico and hard palm fibers from palm trees and helps with stubborn dirt.

Both the light and the dark brush head can be placed on the short cup brush or the long-handled dishwashing brush as desired.

Die Protea Flaschenbürste mit Borsten aus Agave, einem federnd-flexiblen Stil aus verdrilltem widerstandsfähigem Edelstahlfederdraht und einem ergonomischen Holzgriff aus robustem Bambusholz.

Bottle brush with malleable brush head

The bottle brush with coconut fibers has a flexible brush head at the front end. Thereby
the brush can completely touch and thoroughly clean the bottom of bottles and glasses alike.

Unsere Protea Gemüsebürste ist ideal zum Putzen von sowohl Kartoffeln, Karotten als auch Pilzbürste.

Flat brush for vegetables or surfaces

Half of our flat brush is made of soft sisal/tampico fibers and the other half is made of hard palm fibers. Through this combination of hard and soft
The brush is suitable both as a vegetable brush, eg for cleaning potatoes, carrots or mushrooms, and as a cleaning brush for surfaces such as stoves, ovens or sinks.